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LaBarre/Oksnee believes outstanding personalized service is the platform to provide unparalleled areas of specialization and inclusive protection. Focused on benefitting our clients, LaBarre/Oksnee has established strong partnerships with its insurers. We are an independent insurance agency, which means we are not a captive agent for a single carrier. This allows us to negotiate the best coverage at the best premium for our clients.

We offer direct account representation assigned to each client and supported by advanced automation systems that makes every insurance process quick and thorough. By specializing in Homeowner Associations, LaBarre/Oksnee has built a knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals that are trained specifically to support the insurance needs of HOAs. Put us to work for you.

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Request A Certificate


To request proof of insurance, please email your request to Your request should include your name, address and the name of the community you live in.

  • To obtain a certificate of insurance with NO CHANGES please call the document service at (877) 456-3643
  • To add loan information to the HOA’s certificate of insurance you must contact the document service by clicking here.


Q: What are the advantages of doing business with a broker rather than a “captive” agent?

A: A “captive” agent is one that works exclusively with one carrier and is obliged to write business only with that carrier. As an independent agent, LaBarre/Oksnee has appointments with multiple carriers which allows us to work on behalf of our clients to provide excellent coverage at competitive premiums.

Q: What does your association property policy cover?

A: Your association is required to maintain certain types of insurance that address exposures specific to the operation of community associations. Condominium property policies include property coverage for causes of loss such as fire, sudden and accidental water damage, aircraft, etc. Coverage for buildings is included, but the extent of which is normally communicated within your governing documents, called Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Your CC&Rs should include an insurance section, which advises the type of insurance the association is required to maintain versus the type that should be obtained by individual homeowners to protect their assets and liability. Coverage is generally explained as Bare Walls, Single-Entity (Original Construction), or All-In (Including Betterments and Improvements). Homeowners are usually encouraged or required to purchase a Condominium Unit Owner’s policy (HO-6) to protect their personal property, personal liability, and additional coverage that may not be included in the association’s policy.

Q: Why do associations have Workers’ Compensation insurance when they don’t have employees?

A: LaBarre/Oksnee believes that every association needs to purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage even if it does not employ anyone. Although your association does not have direct employees, Workers’ Compensation coverage protects against contractors who fail to maintain coverage and become injured while performing work on the association’s behalf. Coverage may also extend to appointed and/or elected association board and committee members who perform light tasks on behalf of the association.

Q: How do I obtain a quote from LaBarre/Oksnee?

A: Our knowledgeable and professional agents strive to make the quoting process as simple as possible. To obtain a quote, simply click on the “Request a Proposal” icon which can be found on our home page.

Q: How do I obtain evidence of insurance for my association?

A: We strive to make the certificate requesting process a smooth one so as to ensure the highest level of customer service for our community association management company clients and homeowners. LaBarre/Oksnee has partnered with EOI Direct for the delivery of our condominium certificates of insurance. EOI Direct is an online utility ( designed to provide 24/7 access to condominium certificates of insurance so our company is able to meet the demands of certificates of insurance at any time. EOI Direct runs a responsive help desk (1+877-456-3643) that will accommodate those who do not have internet access and to help those who do not wish to go online to obtain this information. To request a certificate, click on Request a Certificate.

Q: Why is it important for our association to carry an earthquake policy?

A: The catastrophic events that occurred on March 11, 2011 in Japan have raised concerns in California regarding the next “Big One.” The Great East Japan Earthquake, which was magnitude 9.0, caused billions in structural damage. In 2008, scientists using a new model to determine the probability of big earthquakes determined that California has more than a 99% change of having a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake within the next 30 years (ScienceDaily, 2008). Currently, if your association were to experience a large loss due to an earthquake, it is very possible that once the repair and assessments costs are calculated, your association would not be able to rebuild. Our company has extensive earthquake policy experience and has appointments with several “A” rated earthquake carriers. We are more than happy to obtain an earthquake policy quote for your association. Because the threat of earthquake is ever-present, LaBarre/Oksnee suggests that your association consider the purchase of this important coverage.

Q: How is Replacement Cost Valuation determined?

A: LaBarre/Oksnee policies include 100% Replacement Cost as valued by the Marshall & Swift / Boeckh Building Valuation Estimated Replacement Cost Reports and/or calculated by individual carrier “in-house” Replacement Cost Valuation software. The valuation reports are based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization) data collection and are rated on building characteristics such as construction details, building square footage, property location, and other special features specific to each building. Please note that replacement cost is not the same thing as market value, which sometimes proves a source of confusion.

Risk Management

Risk management is more important than ever for homeowner associations, and LaBarre/Oksnee is committed to limiting liabilities and protecting our clients.

With the implementation of an effective Risk Management Program, HOAs can learn methods to minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses on a community association. A written and executed Risk Management Program demonstrates to association members the importance of their individual roles, as well as the board’s capability and pro-activity.

The LaBarre/Oksnee Risk Management Programs includes five effective steps:

  • Identifying exposure to loss
  • Examination of alternative techniques
  • Selection of the best techniques
  • Implementation of chosen techniques
  • Monitoring and improvement of the Risk Management Program

Our Risk Management division will begin with a survey of your association’s property to identify any threatening exposures, followed by the creation of a written Risk Management Survey, which includes loss control recommendations and potential risk treatments to help “risk manage” the association’s insurance policies.